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Fuel dispensing equipment
Author:Ruijia Published:2017/3/13 11:02:56

Liquid fuel dispensing equipment is widely distributed in developed countries in the form of automotive gas pumps (petrol pumps in Commonwealth areas).
Common liquid fuel groups include:
1. Petroleum fuels include gasoline (petrol), diesel, and kerosene. Liquid petroleum fuels do not directly ignite. Instead, fumes from the fuel ignite when exposed to an ignition source and vaporize the remaining liquid, causing the liquid to burn as fumes itself. Gasoline and diesel are common automotive fuels, while kerosene is common as fuel for heaters, a component of many jet and rocket fuels, and an additive to diesel to prevent cold-temperature effects.
2.Compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are related compressible fuel types. CNG is primarily comprised of methane, while LPG is a mixture of propane and butane. Both are relatively clean-burning but must be stored under pressure due to their low boiling points. CNG and LPG are used for cooking, heating, and increasingly as motorized vehicle fuel.
3.Alcohols include ethanol, butanol, and methanol. They are employed as vehicle fuels or fuel additives in combination with gasoline.
4. Specialized or uncommon liquid fuels include liquid hydrogen, ammonia, synthetic fuels, and biodiesel.

Some fuels, commonly termed fuel gases, are ordinarily gaseous. Fuel gases are used in gas burners, heaters, stoves, and occasionally to power vehicles. Before the widespread use of electric street lighting, gas-lit streetlamps burned fuel gas.


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