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Nozzle Designs
Author:Ruijia Published:2017/3/22 11:09:42

Dispensing nozzles represent the interface between the unit and the user. They are often equipped with safety features, some of which are listed below.
1.Nozzle size: Diesel dispensers use larger nozzles that are incompatible with standard vehicle fillpipes to avoid misfueling. However, this sizing is not a mandated requirement, and most diesel nozzles are color-coded.
2.Pressure-sensitive nozzles restrict flow until the fuel dispensing system is pressurized.
3. Breakaway valves allow the nozzle to break away from the hose and stop fuel flow if a vehicle begins moving with the nozzle still in the fillpipe.
4.Dual-plane nozzles include a swivel joint to allow fueling from many different angles.
5. Quick-release nozzles have a single, coaxial coupling that eliminates the need for separate filling and venting points .

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