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The working principle of flow meter of fuel dispenser
Author:fueldispenser Published:2019/5/24 7:23:35

When high pressure fuel dispenser is distributed by the ditributing valve, via fuel pipes, it respectively enters into cavities A and B.Cavities C and D are connected to the outlet of the flow meter via fuel pipes and the distributing valve. Under the effect of high pressure fuel, piston set AC moves from end A to end C, while piston set BD moves from end B to end D. In the mean time, the two piston sets jointly push the crank to rotate clockwise, and the distributing valve rotates clockwise as well.

When the flow meter moves to the position shown in Figure 6.2.3, the distributing valve closes all the inlet and outlet fuel dispenser circuits of piston set AC, so piston set AC is at the dead position. Then, piston set BD continues to move from end B to end D, and pushes the crank to continue to rotate.Pushed by piston set BD, the distributing valve reopens the inlet and outlet fuel dispenser circuits of piston set AC, it is just that the inlet and outlet fuel dispenser circuits are switched, which enables piston set AC to cross the dead position, its moving direction is changed to moving from end C to end A, i.e. piston set AC realizes direction switching.

And so forth, under the effect of high pressure fuel dispenser, and controlled by the distributing valve, the flow meter works in a coordinated way. This is the whole working principle of the flow meter.

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