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Essentials of "Three Zones and Eight Points" Safety Management at Gas Stations!
Author: Published:2021/10/5 19:43:53

On-site safety management of gas stations

On-site safety management of gas stations includes the following three aspects:

1. Refueling scene

2. Oil tank area

3. Power distribution room

Refueling scene

Fire equipment

Fire equipment configuration:

Every 2 refueling machines shall be equipped with no less than 2 4kg portable dry powder fire extinguishers, and less than 2 shall be calculated as two.
1. The "three fixed cards" are consistent with the content of the fire extinguisher;
2. The equipment should be maintained regularly, and the bottle body has no obvious deformation or rust;
3. The pressure should be within the specified range;
4. The insurance plug is free of rust, flexible to rotate, and the lead seal is intact;
5. No obvious cracks in the nozzle.

Fuel dispenser

Sand filling:

The pipeline pit under the machine base should be filled with fine sand, and the self-priming pump tanker should fill with sand to the 30mm lower end of the connecting flange between the oil pipeline and the bellows;

(Note: The filled sand needs to be screened. If the sand fills sink, it should be refilled in time. If it is contaminated by oil, the sand should be replaced in time).

Explosion-proof mud blocking:

Explosion-proof mud plugging of pipeline gaps should be carried out in the tanker to prevent the accumulation of oil and gas and cause explosion hazard;

Oil tank farm


The periphery of the oil tank area should be separated from the outside world by iron fences or police cones.

Oil discharge port

The mark inside the oil discharge port is clear and accurate, and the oil discharge port cover is locked. Plastic containers are not allowed to control oil;

Observation well

Observation wells need to be covered to prevent personnel from falling;
To install a pump in the observation well in the explosion hazard area, an explosion-proof junction box that meets the explosion-proof requirements must be installed, and the explosion-proof box needs to block the explosion-proof mud at the wire connection; the water level of the observation well should be regularly observed to control the water level in the tank area and whether there is Oil leakage.


The setting of the oil tank vent pipe:

1. The pipe mouth is 4 meters above the ground, and it is laid along the building, 1.5 meters above the top of the building;

2. The nominal diameter of the vent pipe should not be less than 50mm;

3. A flame arrestor should be installed at the vent pipe. If the flame arrestor and the pipeline are connected by flanges, a lightning protection jumper should be installed;

4. The connecting flange of the vent pipe and the underground pipeline should be higher than 10mm above the ground;

5. Whether there is liquid resistance in the vent pipe. If a desiccant box is installed in an ethanol gasoline station, it should also be checked whether the desiccant has become discolored and expired.

Fire equipment

Fire equipment cabinet:

The lower floor is equipped with a 35kg cart-type dry powder fire extinguisher, the first and second gas stations are equipped with 5 fire blankets, and the third level gas station is equipped with 2 fire blankets.

Fire sand pit:

Store sand 2m, and put no less than 1 fire shovel inside. Fire-fighting sand should be dry and not agglomerated, and there should be no stones or oil sand; (fire-fighting sand should be screened with a fine mesh)

Distribution room

1. The door needs to be opened outside, and has a mouse block (50 cm);
2. Equipped with 2 carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, placed on the side of the door close to the room;
3. Check whether there is oil leakage or water leakage at each joint of the generator;
4. The transmission belt should be properly tight, free of burrs and cracks, and a protective net should be installed at the conveyor belt and fan impeller;

5. The emergency light should be installed on a wall that is convenient for operation and lighting, and is not lower than 1.5 meters from the ground, generally facing the door of the power distribution cabinet;
6. Before the exhaust pipe penetrates the wall, a shock-proof pipe should be installed, and the end of it should be equipped with a fire-stopper;
7. The holes of the exhaust pipe should be blocked by flame-retardant materials, and the doors and windows have no holes for small animals to enter;
8. Do not pile up sundries, especially flammable and explosive items.

9. In the power distribution room, place insulation pads under all power distribution cabinets, and the insulation pads should be clean and dry without water stains.

10. Equipotential jumper should be done between the power distribution cabinet door and the cabinet body, and the appearance of each power distribution component should be free from damage, discoloration, peculiar smell, and no trace of discharge;

11. Unused (discarded) wires and exposed parts should be wrapped with black tape and clearly marked;


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