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Advantages of skid-mounted gas station
Author: Published:2021/10/5 19:46:03


As a new type of refueling facility, skid-mounted refueling device plays an important role in the marketing competition of refined oil with its unique advantages. The prospect is very broad, and it is very suitable for the mode of modern economic development.

In recent years, skid-mounted refueling devices have been widely used abroad for many years, and the domestic market has relatively few operations, mainly traditional ordinary refueling stations. At present, the development of skid-mounted gas stations has achieved obvious results. Facts have proved that taking the lead in opening up this blank market will win opportunities for the company.

So what are the advantages of skid-mounted gas stations and ordinary gas stations? Let me share with you the editor of the barrier and explosion-proof skid-mounted refueling device.

Compared with traditional gas stations, barrier explosion-proof skid-mounted vehicle refueling devices have obvious economic value. Traditional gas stations need to requisition at least a few hundred or even thousands of square meters of land.


In cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the cost of building a gas station often reaches tens of millions. And a Ruijia skid-mounted gas station only needs several hundred thousand yuan, and the cost is no more than one million yuan at most. In addition to safety, environmental protection, and energy saving, this package also has the characteristics of small footprint (30 square meters to 50 square meters), short construction time (3 days to 7 days), and can be moved at any time. This alone can save money. A lot of cost.

The industry generally believes that the barrier and explosion-proof vehicle refueling device has good growth potential, small investment, high time efficiency, and good development prospects, which will bring a fundamental change in the concept of gas station construction.

Skid-mounted gas stations have been widely used in government departments, transportation industry, logistics industry, environmental protection industry and many other fields, especially in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Wenchuan earthquake disaster area, Yushu earthquake disaster area, etc. It has a huge advantage and has won unanimous praise from all walks of life.

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