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Why should gas stations prohibit cell phone calls?
Author: Published:2021/10/5 19:47:25

It’s already common sense that you can’t use your mobile phone when you are refueling; it’s like you can’t smoke at a gas station, but some people will always say "Foreign gas stations can use a mobile phone or even smoke". It seems true, but who has done statistics in more than 200 countries around the world? On the contrary, explosion accidents caused by phone calls or smoking have occasionally been reported, and of course it is a popular science warning.

Several countries with more developed auto industries have enacted a variety of prohibitions on gas stations, which generally include making phone calls. The reason is actually very simple; to put it bluntly, it is worried that electric sparks will appear when making a phone call, which will ignite the mixed gas and cause an explosion.


Where does the "spark" come from?
Some people think that high temperature and even sparks are caused by radio frequency electromagnetic waves of mobile phones. This view is not correct; for example, in some areas close to transmitting base stations or broadcasting station antennas, the transmission power of these devices is very poor, often hundreds of kilowatts (kw). There have been no deflagration problems in the surrounding industrial life activities. The transmission power of mobile phones is much lower than that of these devices. Therefore, the electromagnetic waves emitted and removed by mobile phones will not ignite the mixed oil and gas. So what is the problem?

The core problem lies in the hardware inside the mobile phone, which can be understood as an "electric board".

Mobile phone communication needs to transmit radio waves. When transmitting or receiving radio waves, radio frequency current will appear in the antenna. When the current circulates between metal conductors, if there is poor contact or rusty poor conductors, it can be said that it is basically necessary. RF sparks appear. When the energy of the RF spark is greater than 6 milliwatt-hours and lasts for one millionth of a second, its standard can ignite the mixed gas in the air, including the mixture of natural gas and gasoline; so near the gas machine at the gas station The use of mobile phones is indeed dangerous. Gasoline is a very volatile fuel, which will volatilize at tens of degrees below zero. The higher the temperature, the stronger the volatilization ability. When refueling, the refueling gun and the refueling port are not completely sealed, even the refueling port of a car will be connected to the outside, and the refueling port of a motorcycle is directly open.

The flow rate of the fuel dispenser is very fast. The ordinary fuel dispenser can fill about 50L of fuel per minute, and the high flow fuel dispenser can reach more than 100L/1min. Think about how much gasoline vapor will appear.

Have you ever heard of "Carbon Canister"?

The fuel tank of the car must have a carbon canister, which is always located in the engine compartment, but it is connected to the top of the fuel tank through a pipe; its function is to collect evaporated fuel vapor, adsorb gasoline through the activated carbon inside the canister, and then pass air through the breathing hole Exhaust from the car. After starting the vehicle, the airflow is sucked in through the breathing hole to realize the desorption of gasoline attached to the activated carbon, and then enter the engine combustion chamber to participate in combustion, which shows the strong vaporization performance of gasoline.

However, when you unscrew the fuel tank cap while refueling, you may still hear a liter of "poof". This is not because the gastrointestinal tract is not good, but because the excessive gasoline volatilization causes the internal pressure of the fuel tank to be too high; so at this moment, it will To increase the concentration of mixed oil and gas around the car, it is generally possible to smell gasoline, which is similar to the smell of exhaust gas, and it is mainly hydrocarbons. If there is an electric spark at this time, what will be the result?

668.jpeg Can the mobile phone turn on "airplane mode"?
This is also a question that some drivers are more confused. They are very curious or good at lifting the bar... After the mobile phone enters the flight mode, it no longer transmits and receives electromagnetic waves, because the signal transceiver of the SIM card is turned off. Then in theory, it can be used next to the tanker. It seems that there is no concern about RF sparks.

But haven’t you heard of Samsung?

In the past, some airlines banned the registration of Samsung mobile phones because of the high spontaneous combustion rate of mobile phones of this brand; then it is even more important to pay attention to gas stations. If the mobile phone catches fire next to the tanker, it will be finished. Is this just a choke? In fact, this is called preventing problems before they happen.

Mobile phones are no longer a luxury, not as exaggerated as "Big Brother"; many mobile phone users don't care about protecting their phones at all. They often bump, get in contact with water, or undergo various repairs during use, and the reliability of these phones will change. If it is very poor, the probability of electric sparks appearing on the board road will be relatively high, and even there will be a high probability of spontaneous combustion-how much is the domestic "mobile phone inventory"? In the second half of this year, relevant agencies conducted data statistics, and the current mobile phone inventory has reached the level of "one per capita". Last year, the mobile phone inventory reached [113.9 units/100 people].

There are about 100,000 gas stations across the country, serving more than 300 million motor vehicles. You don't need to prevent mobile phones from igniting spontaneously or appearing radio frequency sparks? So the case of fuel dispensers catching fire due to the use of mobile phones must be "common". If the fire spreads to the oil storage tank, think about the result.

Conclusion: It is correct to prohibit the use of mobile phones next to the gas station at the gas station. Mobile phones with various working conditions are next to the gas station. Under the premise of a huge gas station, vehicle and mobile phone base, the gas station is not preventive. It will become a "high-risk zone", and no fueler will be able to recruit.


And when refueling, you must touch the round metal ball on the tanker in advance. The function is to release static electricity. Although static electricity is only a momentary tingling sensation, the voltage is extremely high, and the electrostatic voltage of the human body or equipment can reach hundreds of thousands. Volt, the static electricity that touches the car body can reach tens of thousands of volts. The energy is very large, but because the time is short, there is no damage, but it is enough to ignite the mixed gas. The picture below is a case, many things are not "taken for granted".

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