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100 million-ton oil field discovered along the coast of Dongying, Shandong
Author: Published:2021/10/5 19:49:43

Recently, my country’s oilfields have made another major discovery. So far, the proven reserves of the Kenli 6-1 oilfield in Dongying, Shandong have exceeded 100 million tons!


 What is the concept of 100 million tons?

It can supply 1 million cars for 20 years!

What a great news!

This oil field is also the first billion-ton-level large oil field discovered in the northern part of Laizhou Bay in Bohai Sea.

As we all know, oil is now one of the most important resources on the planet. Whoever masters oil will master the economic lifeline of the world. The discovery of 100 million tons of oil in Shandong this time is also a very good news this year!

The discovery of oil not only has a very good stabilizing effect on my country's economy, but also has a good supporting effect on enterprises. Petroleum is a non-renewable resource. The newly discovered 100 million-ton oil field can stabilize the production of the Bohai Oilfield for 10 years! It also greatly promotes the goal of producing 40 million tons!

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