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Why are the oil tanks at the gas station buried underground?
Author:Ruijia Published:2021/10/12 19:26:12

The gas stations that we often see are only a small part of the ground. In fact, most of the facilities in our gas stations are buried underground. The machine that displays data when we refuel the car is actually an oil pump with an exquisite appearance and good performance. It is connected to underground oil storage tanks through many pipelines.

This fuel pump has a dual function: inject hydrocarbon fuel (gasoline) into the fuel tank of the car through a smart spray gun, and at the same time extract gasoline vapor from the fuel tank, and then send the gasoline vapor back to the underground storage tank. This oil storage tank is composed of a double shell. The upper part is used to collect gasoline vapor (which is transformed into gasoline after cooling), and the lower part is used to store gasoline. A special liquid antifreeze is injected into the interlayer of the oil storage tank. The antifreeze is connected to a precise buffer tank. The main function of the buffer tank is to detect whether the oil tank is leaking. When refueling a car, as long as the smart spray gun is inserted into the car’s fuel tank, the automatic fuel delivery valve will open, and gasoline will flow into the fuel tank continuously from the fuel pipeline, and gasoline vapor will enter the fuel storage tank through another vapor pipeline. When the car’s fuel tank is full of gasoline, the overflow detector at the end of the spray gun will automatically close the fuel pipeline. The vent hole connected at one end of the oil storage tank can discharge excess gas and regulate the pressure of the oil tank. The sand trough placed on the ground is a simple fire-fighting facility.

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