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Why doesn't the gasoline dispenser deliver oil?
Author:Ruijia Published:2021/10/12 19:36:38

Before, a customer told the editor about a problem he encountered when using the tanker. After the tanker was turned on, it took about 10 seconds before the oil was discharged. Then I told him to open it all at once. Later, he said that the boot was normal and the belt was rotating forward, but no oil came out at all. .

The pipeline is buried about 15 cm in the ground. Why is this? The weather is good, the temperature is so high.

Why doesn't the gasoline dispenser deliver oil?

This situation is caused by air resistance in the pipeline. There is no good solution. It can only be relieved. The bottom valve of the tanker can be replaced. The pressure of the oil pump increases. If you want to solve it completely, you need to re-lay the pipeline or replace the submersible pump.


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