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Working principle of self-priming pump dispenser
Author:Ruijia Published:2021/10/12 19:38:22

Lift the oil gun, the switch signal is sent to the computer device to start the motor and open the solenoid valve. The motor drives the pump to suck the oil into the pump, pressurize and separate the oil and gas. The gas is discharged out of the machine, and the oil enters the flowmeter to push the piston to reciprocate.
The flow meter drives the index plate in the sensor to generate pulse electric signals, which are sent to the computer device. The flowmeter piston passes a certain fixed volume of oil every time it completes a cycle, and the sensor outputs a certain number of pulse electric signals, which are sent to the computer device for calculation and display, so as to realize the measurement and control of the oil delivery.
The metered oil is supplied by the oil gun to the oil receiving container outside the machine through the static electricity conducting oil delivery hose. Ruijia self-priming pump fuel dispenser, for more information, please contact us!

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