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What should I do when installing a fuel dispenser?
Author:Ruijia Published:2021/10/12 19:45:00

Now that there are more and more gas stations, private gas stations have also increased a lot, so what should we pay attention to when buying and installing the gas machine?

1. The fuel dispenser must be used in a dry environment, and it is strictly forbidden to work in the open air. The installation location of the fuel dispenser shall comply with the relevant provisions of the local gas station construction and fire protection regulations.

2. No branch pipeline should be added to the oil inlet pipe of the fuel dispenser. The two oil pumps of two tankers or dual-gun tankers cannot share one pipeline branch to supply oil.

3. After the new pipeline is installed, the mud, iron filings and other debris in the pipeline should be cleaned first, and then the fueling machine should be installed to prevent the dirt from entering the fueling machine and damaging the machine.

4. After the first oil delivery, the filter of the oil pump should be inspected and cleaned to avoid a significant drop in oil flow and damage to hydraulic components due to filter blockage.

5. Oil-resistant gaskets must be used at the oil pipe flange of the fuel dispenser.

6. The power supply must be cut off during maintenance, and no live maintenance is allowed; when opening the explosion-proof electrical box, do not scratch the explosion-proof joint surface, remove the dirt in the explosion-proof cavity when reinstalling, and clean the explosion-proof joint surface; cable sealing should be good , Metal washers and gaskets cannot be lost, and the number of screws is indispensable to ensure the explosion-proof performance of the electrical part.

7. When using a self-provided generator for power supply, be sure to wait for the generator to run smoothly before supplying power to the fuel dispenser, and ensure that the voltage is within the range of 220V-15%~220V 10% or 380V-15%~380V 10% to avoid generating electricity The peak voltage when the machine is started burns out the computer components.

8. When the tanker is installed outdoors, there should be a rain shed above the machine to protect the machine from rain and sun.

9. When performing electrical connection or maintenance, the relevant power supply of the fuel dispenser should be cut off before construction.

10. Untrained or authorized personnel are not allowed to carry out construction and operation of fuel dispensers.

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