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What should I pay attention to when using gasoline dispensers?
Author:Ruijia Published:2021/10/12 19:45:43

A phenomenon that cars are becoming more and more common. Basically, every household has a car, so if you have a car, you need to refuel. If you want to refuel, you need a refueling device. So what should be paid attention to when using this refueling device?

    First, pay attention to the safety of the refueling process. Refueling equipment can not be used arbitrarily, because once a leak occurs, it will cause a safety accident. Don't make a phone call when refueling, it is easy to have static electricity; in addition, it is best not to wear static electricity clothes when refueling, it is also unsafe. Ensuring the safety of refueling is a very important issue, especially in large gas stations.

  Second, pay attention to controlling the amount of fuel when using gasoline dispensers. We can control the refueling volume by observing the data displayed on the refueling equipment. What needs to be reminded is that if it is an automatic refueling machine, then you must not set it to the fullest refueling volume, which is prone to overflow. It is also unsafe for use. Generally speaking, the demand can be met by adding up to 90%, and it will not cause waste, and it also has a good guarantee for safety.

   Third, pay attention to regular repairs and maintenance of the filling equipment when using gasoline dispensers. Due to the high frequency of use of filling equipment, regular maintenance and maintenance are required to ensure safe and efficient completion of tasks when in use. During maintenance, check the key parts, such as refueling nozzles, oil pipelines, installed containers, etc. These are the places that are prone to leaks.

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