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The functional characteristics of the reel-in-one fuel dispenser machine
Author: Published:2021/10/14 22:39:59

The reel-in-one fuel dispenser machine is loved by many people because of its simplicity, portability, small size, and convenience. It is not only good in performance, but also good in all aspects. Like ordinary factories, construction sites, tank trucks, and ships, they choose this reel. Pan integrated refueling machine
So let's briefly understand the functions of this tanker, right?

the reel-in-one fuel dispenser machine

1. The beautiful LCD screen with LED backlight can provide a clear screen display regardless of whether it is day or night. Set the amount to refuel, and it will stop automatically after refueling. Set the number of liters to refuel, and it will stop automatically after refueling.
2. Self-sealing refueling gun, automatically shuts down the gun when the oil is full, no oil spills, no waste, convenient suspension, simple operation
3. Small ticket printing, optional installation,
4. The original Huawen machine comes with a 10-meter oil outlet pipe, which is resistant to high pressure. The gas station special pipe comes with a 360-degree swivel joint and a 2-meter oil inlet pipe with a self-priming super-strong thickened steel wire pipe.
5. All copper core motor core, high-power oil pump, more power, can work for a long time
To know more about Huawen Reel Integrated Refueling Machine, small car refueling machine, you can call us for consultation! Huawen Machinery Factory has different types of machines.

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