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Yongjia Ruijia Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing,selling and services supporting on Fule Dispenser and relevant components,including main board,flowmeter,pump,fueling nozzle,solenoid valve,oil indicator,filter and oil hose reel and so on.Especialy,we specialized in main board for more than 11 years after graduated from school,and we supply many factories with main board in China.


  • When we found tht pulse sensor damaged,what can we do?
    Answer: Please replace the pulse sensor.
  • When we found drive between flow meter and pulse sensor damaged,what can we do?
    Answer: Replace fuel dispenser machine damaged parts.
  • When we found the flow rate is too small and lower than the specified value?
    Answer: Please increase flow rate.
  • When connecting rod groove in flowmeter worn down and result to increase of error for flowmeter?​
    Answer: Please replace connecting rod and bearing.
  • When increasing of error for flowmeter ,what can we do?
    Answer: Maybe both seal and bush in flowmeter worn down,please replace sealing ring and bush.
  • When voltage is too low and resu​lt to the oil reduced,what can we do?
    Answer: Please change fuel dispenser manufacturer power vlotage .
  • When vane worn down and result to the oil reduced,what can we do?
    Answer: Please replace vane.
  • When oil-line plugging and cannot suck oil free ,what can we do?
    Answer: Please dredge pipline.
  • When too much impurity in oil result to a blocking filter ,what can we do?
    Answer: Clean filter and oil tank.
  • What can we do When oil is reduced?
    Answer: Maybe the hose is not fixed or too long,please check the length of hose.
  • When we found oil inlet cannot connect with suction of pump well and no oil from fuel dispenser manufacturers?
    Answer: Use O rings seal.
  • When we found m​otor idled and cannot suck oil,what can we do?
    Answer: Please fill oil into the pump.
  • How They Work?

    As the ideal solution for oil station or factory that dispense variety fuels such as diesel, kerosene or petrol,the fuel dispensers play an important role in our regular work. And consumers are consistently looking for more types fuel options.some need truck loading fuel dispensers which are movealbe and small ,it just need a bucket for example weighted 1 T or 2 T ,after connect with one battery or two batteries,the fuel dispenser can work well immediately.Other customers may need fule dispenser with combination pump whose structure are similar to the oil station's, this type of fule dispenser is consisted of explosion-proof motor and combination pump ,and it is always need solenoid valve,too. And the working principle is closing the big valve and remaining the small valve,in this way ,the accuracy can create a less than 0.2% error. We work with you to outfit your location with fuel dispensers or pump and strongly improve each important part of pre-sale, on sale,and after service to customers and make sure all Ruijia fuel dispensers are fully certified and tested.

    Work Principle

    Working principle is as follows:

    Pick up the automatic nozzle, later turn on the nozzle switch, the switch signal would be transmitted to the main board, then the main board transmits the start signal to the drive board of power. Pumps driven by motor would be in operation. Oil is transferred to the filter and pump, then oil flow into the flow meter and push the piston for reciprocating motion, in this way , the pulse sensor transmittes signals to the main board, which would calculate the flowmeter flow and price. Also sale, litre and price would be shown on the disply board simultaneously. The fule flowing through flow meter will be output to the oil container by automatic nozzle.

    When pressing "STOP" button,the main board would send the closing signal to motor driven borad immediately, later take nozzle back nozzle holder, then the one time refueling operation is finished.

    Fuel dispensers are suitable for ambient temperature among -25°C to +55°C,and working pressure is less than 0.3MPA and required less maintenance,furthermore,the Noise is less than 80Db(sound level A). Especially,the thickness of sheet metal is 1.5mm-3 mm,it is durable and reliable and reasonable.

    Product Inside

    It is easy to operate the fue dispenser,we supply you all the necessary hoses and automatic nozzle,when you press start key,you can start to fuel right away and the unit price,the liters and the total amount would be displayed on the scream.Also the customers can press the on/off control function of this pump freely ,and there are three ways to operate pumps,

    (1) Quantitative filling based on the preset liters: press "L/P" to select "L", input preset value, press "START", the motor will stop automatically after the preset value is reached.

    (2) Quantitative filling based on the preset price: press "L/P" to select "P", input preset value, press "START", the motor will stop automatically after the preset value is reached. If input wrong value, just press "CLEAR".

    (3) Random fueling(fueling without preset).

    Pick up the nozzle or press "START" button, and press"STOP/EXIT"button after finished. The speed of filling can be adjusted by controlling the nozzle switch, and the nozzle is automatically closed to avoid overflowing as soon as the oil tank is filled to full level.

    Meanwhile, wen the accuracy is out of tolerance because of use time or working condition, computer coefficient can be adjusted through keyboard easily!

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